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The_Predator, 2004-12-03

An odf change that makes the borg more accurate, but you would want to be using unlimited crew for it to be worth while Tongue

thank u for downloading this mod

name of mod:borg and fedaration mod 1.0a

time to make mode: 30 mins

maker of the mod: The_Predator (aka USMC_The_One)

bugs: ur crew wont start coming untill u have lots of starbases (only the borg yet not the fedaration)

just place in ur .ODF file

this mod gives the cube and tactical cube more crew lets the fedaration freaiter mine more dilitheum and latinum the cube has 11,000 crew the tactical cube 22,000 pluse both have sheald streangth of 9999999

tactical fusion cube and fusion cube will be in the next mod

sorry for no screenshot promiss to have it in the veriosn 1.0b

Version    Author  The_Predator  Website   
Downloads  419  Size  5.26 KB  Created  2004-12-03 



#1 Joelteon7 2004-12-03 07:38
Its pointless having cube's with that amount of strength...i know they are not supposed to be balanced...but for the game it should be...
#2 Ultimate_Dragon 2004-12-03 07:42
he's a first time modder, let him learn the balance of power and develop his moddig skills b4 you diss his mods, i remember i waz once worse....
#3 the_predator 2004-12-03 11:42
ill get to fixing this mod up when i have the time to right now im to bussy making a web site for the 75th fleet
#4 the_predator 2004-12-11 07:08
sorry guyes my mod was lost if u guyes want u can make it dont really care (reformated pc from adware and other problems) :cry:

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