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Andrew_Of_Borg, 2008-02-24

This is an odd but quite interesting idea - Borg Fusion Sphere. From VenerableDread this ship is what you get when you fuse 6 spheres together using the Collective Hub to initiate it. The idea is really cool and the execution is very good too. When all cubes..err sorry Spheres Smile are fused together they look like those molecule models you have in chemistry class... It looks odd but it also looks intimidating.. The only thing I can be a nit-picky little so and so on is the textures.. Not the stock sphere hull textures but the fused texture of the centre (fusing) sphere uses the fusing texture which to me takes away from the appearance of the ship. Other than that it's a great concept! I would definitely recommend it!


Borg Fusion Sphere by VenerableDread

The Fusion Sphere is constructed by fusing together of six Spheres. They are capable of regeneration, much like their smaller cousins, but are also more powerful. The Fusion Sphere requires the Collective Hub (like the Fusion Cubes) and 250 metal.

1. Extract all files to their respective folders.

2. Find the file gui_global.spr in the sprites directory and add the lines in their
respective places.

Under special weapon buttons:
b_gsphereintegrator gbsphereintegrator00 0 0 64 64

Under Borg wireframes:
bfspherew1 BfsphereW 0 0 64 64

3. Find and edit all relevant techtree files and add the following lines in the
respective files and their respective places., &
// ***[ BORG SHIPS ]******************************
bfsphere.odf 1 bhub.odf // cruiser1 (fusion sphere)

// ***[ BORG SPECIAL WEAPONS ]********************
gsphereIntegrator.odf 1 bhub.odf // Sphere integrator (sphere)
bfsphere.odf 0
gsphereintegrator.odf 0

4. Play the game as the Borg, build 6 Spheres, a Technology Assimilator and a
Collective Hub and RAPE THEM ALL!

VenerableDread (me, duh), for making this fun little mod
Activision, for all resources used

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#1 starfox1701 2008-02-24 19:26
Nice concept but the texture need some work. :P kinda looks like a methane moloculeLOL
#2 IKS_Yo_Mama 2008-02-24 19:53
lol, thats exactly what I was thinking. :-)
#3 compadict12 2008-02-28 12:37
what armaments will it have as in the game spheres only have disrupters?

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