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Jetfreak, 2008-01-19

Now with awesome textures and canon sounds, Jetfreak's popular TMP-era phasers. Not to be missed if you like The Wrath of KHAAAAAAAAN!


- the Kid

TMP Phasers (v1.4)


My fourth and possibly my final version of the Phasers seen in TWOK. I have now added all new textures and the correct sound. Woot!


How To Install:

1. Put the weapon.spr in the sprites folder

2. Put the tmpphaser.tga in the textures/rgb folder

3. Put the tmpphas.odf and tmpphaso.odf files into the ODF/weapons/phasers folder

4. Put the tmpphas.wav into the sounds/effects folder

To install into a ship:

In the ship odf file of your choice (located in odf\ships) copy and paste the following

weaponX = "tmpphas"
weaponHardpointsX = "hp01"

NOTES: Replace X with the number your weapon is on the ship. If each other weapon is numbered 1 to 4, change X to 5.

If you want dual phaser beams, install two phasers.


Phaser Textures: Edited from Elevatormusic's Defiant Pulses
Phaser Sound: Honestly, I dont know where it's from. But I found it on my dad's old Hardrive :)


Enjoy! Now you can Relive the famous battle in TWOK!

- Jetfreak

Version  1.4  Author  Jetfreak  Website   
Downloads  662  Size  487.33 KB  Created  2008-01-19 



#1 elevatormusic 2008-01-19 17:18
In the future, please ask before releasing/editing my weapon textures... Although it does look alright in game.
#2 Jetfreak 2008-01-19 19:50
I am so Sorry Elevatormusic, I'll do that next time.
#3 Chief_Chainsaw 2008-01-19 23:52
Dang it! I was about to send in tomorrow my version of TMP phasers... but these look soo much better than mine I'm gonna pitch mine and use these in my own game. LOL oh well there went 2 weks of work! But hey this looks AWESOME.
#4 Doom369 2008-01-20 00:22
Now thats what I call TMP Phasers
#5 Doom369 2008-01-20 00:24
#3 I know what you mean. I had My one version of TMP phasers before they hit A2 files
#6 Starblade. 2008-01-20 11:24
We can never get enough mods. Send 'em anyway.

#7 Joelteon7 2008-01-21 01:01
Variety is wholesome. No reason why you can't put them up so ships can have a variety of phasers.
#8 jlp47at 2008-02-23 21:04
Take away the interface and a Wrath of Khan junkie who doesn't play A2 might think it was from the movie.
#9 SciFiFan 2009-03-22 22:18
I adapted this for a new pulse phaser for the defiant (for personal use) and it looks AWESOME. I also placed the tmp phasers on my turrets. I love what yall did. Who do I need to contact to ask about releasing the pulse version I did?
#10 Brian_William 2009-04-05 01:53

I wish to add TMP Phasers to my A2 but my own weapons Sprite has been modded with other weapons, what do I need to add to weapons sprite in order to use this weapon.


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