TJPA2map Update TJPA2map Update

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Trevor J Plikington, 2006-01-27

Whilst strictly speaking a map of it's own, it is an update to a previously added map, which I believe has quite some quality behind it. Anyhow, to keep it straight, this map gives as good as it was made, so expect some extremely fun battles with this choc-a-bloc map, full of interesting features, niches to hide in and plenty of space and resources to start up your attack force to conquer the enemy.

What makes this very nice as well is that it is 4 player, so, blast away more enemies on this updated map, well done!

4 Player Map
By Trevor J Pilkington

I decided to have a anther go at a 4 Player map and here it is 2006 My map of the year is made for the new year sorry it late coming out be working on my Terran Empire MSN Group. Any way this map was 2006 in the middle with a lot of wormholes its not one of my best I known that but I have be mapping for Armada 2 since 2003 so I running out of Idols it seen I not the only one I have not seen any new maps on Armada 2 Files since the last one I did hopefully I not the only Maper left there. Where all your resources at your bases are not much u have to go out and get more but the other players will try and stop u so have fun

2 wormholes where not in the right place now they r
3 Black Holes Added

Sorry about any wrong spellings

C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\bzn

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