TJP2517 Map TJP2517 Map

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Trevor J Plikington, 2006-02-07

Well map lovers, here we have another map for the community. Strangely enough I thought there would be many more maps with this download (due to e-mail communication). It's a shame there is jus the one, however one is better than none.

A nice 4 player map, with some neat tactics to get to some areas. A nice play!


4 Player Map
By Trevor J Pilkington

2517 is the Sequel to 2006. I done this map with the 2517 in the middle because that the year my stories for my Terran Empire Group are set well there set in 2516 and 2517. If any of u are manders of the group u no what i mean. You can see that it been made from 2006 because I left half the map the way it was well one bit of it anyway. (You ask is it was for a Mod well its not if i come do thats soft of mod I would but doing a SP Mod is hard for me or I have try and have to reinstallation Armada 2 so I not trying that again.)
Where your resources at your bases are not much even less them the last map. u have to go out and get more but the other players will try and stop u. Also I have made it so one of the players have to go thougth anthers base (Got that Ideal from anther 1 of my maps) just to make it just that bit harder as well as backholes to slow you down. So u so have fun.

2 wormholes where not in the rigth place now they r
3 Black Holes Added

Sorry about any worng spellings

C:\Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Armada II\bzn

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