sample mod from Star Trek Armada 2.5 #2 sample mod from Star Trek Armada 2.5 #2

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draconis_sharp, 2004-07-10

small 2 weapon sample mod from "Star Trek Armada 2.5"

The ships included in this pack are weapons from "Star Trek Armada 2.5"


Quite simply, just move the files into their proper folders.

No credit. I simply changed weapons and ship .odf files. A very simple sample of what's in the mod.

This mod simply adds the "Small Phase-Compression Cannon" and "Rapid Fire Pulsar Cannon".

I believe you will be pleased by this mod and will download the full mod once it is complete.
This is the first of many. Other samples will simply be weapons or single ships. I hope to have The U.S.S. Titan and The U.S.S. Enterprise-F ready soon, but they will not be samples. You will have to download the completed mod for them.

Contact Me At:

If there are any problems please tell me.

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#11 draconis_sharp 2004-07-25 09:59
I was going for 95%
#12 Shadow51689 2006-05-09 20:09
It would help if you had a picture or atleast maybe even a description of what the mod does.

I tried it out, and it's pretty good. I like how the weapons scatter, and don't just fire repetativly in a line.

I created something identical to the rapid fire pulsar cannon for A1 ages ago, which was submitted to the now-dead STAMODS. Except I never got it to scatter like that, and it was a regular size torp.

But still, good job!

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