Rapid Quantum Torpedoes Rapid Quantum Torpedoes

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MEGA_MAX, 2006-02-05

From a brief look at the four odf's included, there are different set-up's for different strength and speed torpedoes that obviously use the Federation's stock blue torpedo. Unfortuneately, there really isn't much else to say but what's in there seem's sound. So, for any of you people who do not know how to modify your own weapon odf's, here's some for you to use, it even comes with installation text to help you add these torpedoes to your ships already in-game.
For note, I do beleive this is the developer's first mod and changing weapon odf's isn't necessarily the easiest thing to do in the world, especially as these seem to be kept pretty well balanced for what they do.


Heres a rapid quantum torp for A2.

to install just pop all files into ODF/WEAPONS/PHOTONS and then put

weaponx = "OrbitalTorp"
(x is for which ever number the weapon is in.)

Happy playing.

If any problems please email me at PCoppage@localnet.com. THanks. :)

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#1 MEGA_MAX 2006-02-05 08:40
Hey if you like this you will like this one. Its going to balance out the borg with the feds.

Its going to be just the same just alittle stronger. :borg: :-)
#2 ColdDarkParanoia 2006-02-05 09:58
snds good!
#3 Captain_Righteous 2006-02-06 04:24
wait...hasn't this been done before a few times?

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