Rapid Borg Torpedo Mk.2 Rapid Borg Torpedo Mk.2

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MEGA_MAX, 2006-02-11

A re-work of the recently added Borg Torpedoes. These work now, so blast away those Federation ships and stations and let "resistance be futile"!

Heres a version that works. SORRY that the other one
didnt work. I had to go to school scince im 12. Hope you
Kick Fed. butt with this.

PCoppage@localnet.com Is my email.

Pop the odf in the odf/weapns/photons folder and put
this in the spot

weaponXX "bfphot"
XX= NEXT # in the line.


Version  1.1  Author  MEGA_MAX  Website   
Downloads  468  Size  974 bytes  Created  2006-02-11 



#1 Captain_Kirk76 2006-02-21 11:50

i kick fed butt any way
#2 MEGA_MAX 2006-02-26 18:46
Nice you rock!

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