Rapid Borg Torpedo Rapid Borg Torpedo

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MEGA_MAX, 2006-02-09

The second promised mod, a rapid firing Borg torpedo by MEGA_MAX. What can I say other than what is in the title? Grab a Borg ship, chuck this weapon in and those that you can't assimilate, desimate!

Heres a borg torp.The same as the other one but a little faster because
it's weaker.Hope you like it.

Just pop all odfs on odf/weapons/Photons folder.
now pop this line into the ship you want it in:

weaponx = "bfphot"
x= next number in order.

You may put any of my mods in other ones just put credit to ok.

Contact me a PCoppage@localnet.com

Version  1.0  Author  MEGA_MAX  Website   
Downloads  306  Size  1.09 KB  Created  2006-02-09 


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