Quantum Torpedo Spread Quantum Torpedo Spread

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_dEjavU_, 2008-11-07

Simple .ODF mod that makes your quantum torpedoes fire in a spread. Now you can re-live that epic moment in ST:FC when Data fired a cluster of torpedoes at the Phoenix, only to have all of them miss.

Not a bad little mod. The "simple and small" mods are always worth a look, even just for ideas.


Inspired by anonymous' Admiral's Sovereign mod's quantum topedoe burst weapon, I presented the weapons slight flaw of the torpedoes looking flat in cinematic mode when fired(over at the forrums). Starfox1701 came with the idea that eventually fixed the problem. The weapon is set to use the standard quantum torpedoe texture found in regular installments of a2. With a few loose screws that I needed to tighten with the ODF's and a new wav file for the quantum torpedoes, I thought I should release this as a stand alone weapon mod.


All of the folders and files in question can be found in your Star Trek Armada II main directory(C:/Program Files/Activision/Star Trek Armada II)

* Make sure the files your asked to alter are not set to "read only" under the files properties.

1.) First copy the weapon ODF files from the weapon mod zip folder into your ODF/weapons/photons folder.

2.) Go to your ODF/ships folder and select a ship that you would like to have this weapon. Open it, scroll down to the weapons section and replace your quantum torpedoe(or normal torpedoe)with this.....

// Quantum Torpedoe Spread
weapon** = "quantum"
weaponHardpoints** = "hp##"

..change this part(**)of the input with the number of the torpedoe your replacing and change this part(##)of the input to the weapons hardpoint that was originaly assigned to that torpedoe.

* It is highly recommended(for the sake of being canon)that you only use one of this weapon per ship. Any more and you'll be releasing an unrealistic amount of torpedoes on your first volley.

* It is also recommended that you not use any other quantum torpedoe weapon along with this one.

3.) Copy the torpedoe wav file into your sounds/effects folder.

4.) Go to your Sprites folder and open up the weapon file. Scroll down and look for this.....

# End new weapons


..and add this line consistent with the weapons you see after it....

# Federation Photon torpedo
//quantum torpedo only
wbluephoton wfbluetorp 0 0 32 32 @anim=tex4x4

...if you see this input then your okay but if you don't then by all means copy and add this and then close(save) the file......


To the person who was kind enough to fix the problem with the weapon for me, Starfox1701 thanks for everything(your the man!).

Major A Payne and Westworld Computers Ltd. for original source of information.

Freyr for presenting the idea of the original weapon being read like a pulse phaser instead of a standard torpedoe(much appreciated).

Mash1971 for posting his weapon sprite thread over at the forrums which ultimately lead to the developement of this weapon.

Ananymous for the inspiration with his Admiral's Sovereign Mod.

The Activision team for developing Star Trek Armada II(you guys basicly sprouted the world of modding with this game).


If your having problems with this mod please contact me, I'll be glad to help.

gLeNn - g0628dEjavU1978@hotmail.com

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#1 thunderfoot006 2008-11-15 19:44
I like this a lot. An elegant solution to the problems of using torpedo bursts in game.
#2 _dEjavU_ 2008-11-16 04:22
Thanks! Glad you like it. ;-)

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