Quantum Pulse Cannon Quantum Pulse Cannon

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Cygnis Prime, 2002-08-09

Here's the description he sent me:

Here is a new weapon I devised, It is rather strong and has a range slightly larger than a typical phaser, and very accurate. Name: "Quantum Pulse Cannon"

Thank you First of all, for downloading my weapon addon.
Second of all, well, there is no second.

To install the \"Quantum Pulse Cannon\":
1. Place Both .odf files under the
Star Trek Armada II/odf/weapons/pulse directory
2. Place the .wav file under the
Star Trek Armada II/sounds/effects directory
3. under the weapons section, add to absolutely ANY ship:

weapon# = \"testpuls\"
weaponHardpoints# = \"hp01\"

(be sure to fill in the \"#\" with the apropriate number.)

That\'s it!

If you have ANY questions about this weapon, please, feel
free to ask.

Thank you again,

~ Cygnis Prime ~

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#1 Angelous 2002-11-15 17:49
He i know that it is different for each ship but how do you know what numbers to put in were on the

weapon# = "testpuls"

weaponHardpoints# = "hp01"

I know that the weapon# is just the weapon number it is on the ship but what about the rest.

P.S. Sounds cool. ;-)
#2 inugorillaz64 2006-08-07 18:21
I'm sure it would look great if you could actually tell what that is a screenshot of.....

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