Poleron Pulse Phaser Poleron Pulse Phaser

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TexasAggie, 2006-08-10

Much alike the Poleron Phaser (which works in much the same way as the Poleron Torpedo) this is a Pulse Phaser verion of the weapon, again quite a neat little file. Smile


Hey Trekies,

This is a variant of the poleron torpedo.

Fired Like a pulse phaser, it will Systematically (randomly)
disable all enemy ships systems (Except shields) while undamaging
the targeted ship. The weapon will slowly drain your special energy.

Fire it at will and paralyze an enemies ship for a turkey shoot,
or sit back and watch the crew slowly fade away and board it undisturbed.



Place polpulse.tga in \textures\rgb directory
Place **.odf files in \odf\weapons\pulse directory


Add This to your weapon.spr file

# Poleron Pulse Phaser
polpulse polpulse 0 0 128 32 @anim=tex1x4


Add This to The Ship of your Choice:

// Poleron Pulse Phaser 1
weaponX = "polpulse"
weaponHardpointsX = "hpAA"

// Poleron Pulse Phaser 2
weaponY = "polpulse2"
weaponHardpointsY = "hpAA"

You will need both files to make it work properly.

make sure the weapon numbers are different
(X and Y must be different),

but make sure the weaponhardpoints are the same.

Look at included sample Kdestroy.odf File for more help.


The textures were edited from stock textures.

e-mail --> texasaggie1983@tamu.edu

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