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_dEjavU_, 2008-11-09

This is kind of a neat idea, as seen in the VOY episode "Dragon's Teeth". This weapon allows any selected Federation ships to deliver full spread phasers. Now, I know what you might be saying-- I've seen multi-targeting stuff before. How is this any different? It works as a special weapon to enable all the phasers to separately select targets and go for it.

Now, I would imagine you'd have to have some knowledge of your selected ship's phaser hardpoints otherwise you'll be firing phaser beams out of the engines and torpedo tubes and bridge and.... just out of everywhere. However, people are always looking for ideas for new things that can be done with weapons, and this is one example of how much still remains to be squeezed out of this game.

Worth a look.



All files and folders in question can be found in your Star Trek Armada II main directory(C:/Programs Files/Activition/Star Trek Armada II)

*for the files your asked to alter make sure the "read only" tab is not checked on under the file's properties.

- First copy and paste the weapons ODF/special weapons files into it's corresponding folder in your Star Trek Armada II main directory.

- Then go to your ODF/ships folder and select the ship that you want this weapon in. Open the file and scroll all the way down to the weapons section and add this....

// Full Spread Phaser
weapon** = "fullspread"
weaponHardpoints** = ##

..copy and paste all of the ships phaser hp's as this weapons hp's and place them where you see this ##, then replace the ** with the next number up from the ships last weapons number.

- Go to the Techtree folder and open up the tech1 file. Scroll down to the Federation Special Weapons section and add this......

fullspread.odf 0

- Then go to your Sprites folder and open up the gui_glabal file. Look for this section...

# Special weapon buttons


...when you see it add this bit.....

b_fullspread gbfs 0 0 64 64

- Finaly copy and paste the weapons Texture/RGB file into your Star Trek Armada II/Textures/RGB folder.


Anyone is free to use my weapon in their mods and no permission or credits are required.


If you have any problems or questions about this weapon please contact me.

gLeNn - g0628dejavu1978@hotmail.com

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#11 _dEjavU_ 2008-11-15 21:00
Thanks allot Thunderfoot006, very much appreciate it. :-)
#12 Doom369 2009-08-23 23:17
Bug fix: in ffullspread.odf, ordName = "fullspreado" needs to be changed to ordName = "ffullspreado". great special wep. thanks.
#13 ChrisChaos 2010-12-20 13:58
Odd I followed instructions yet I can't get it to appear on one of my ships... I got it set up in tech tree; I equipped it to a ship; I got all the necessary files in their proper places; I got it set up in guiglobal I wonder what is wrong...
#14 ChrisChaos 2010-12-20 14:12
Sorry for the doublepost but I figured it out for some reason weapon changes or additions don't affect loads of saved games before the addition

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