Federation Missle Federation Missle

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lucas1988, 2002-10-13

This will replace the Federation Frigate (I.E. Ageian Class) with the Cardassian Missle. Talk about Federation Power! Biggrin

This Mod will Replace the Federations frigite
to a missile a lot like the one the cardassians have

but you can build it in a advanced shipyard

It will work in:
Single player and Instant action

if there is any trouble with the mod please contant me at

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#1 Dark_Saber 2002-10-13 08:36
Pretty bad-@ss! Frog :dance: :saberfight:
#2 Deus1 2002-10-13 11:43
the cardassian already have this :P
#3 Deus1 2002-10-13 11:44
the cardassians already have this :P :roll:
#4 steel2 2004-06-13 09:49
:frogga!: :dance!: lemme see if these work
#5 tails 2004-11-27 07:07
this is cool the federation with a can of woop ***** 8)

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