Engine Jam/Repulsion Wave Engine Jam/Repulsion Wave

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TexasAggie, 2006-03-27

This is a follow up to the previously added weapons made by TexasAggie. This one, as the title suggests is similar to the Klingon repulsion Wave (think Fek'lhr) allowing the enemies engines to be disabled and then send them drifting into the emptiness of space. Obviously, best use for this would be in a crew or hull damaging nebula or near a black hole, both of which could be pretty amusing. Anyhow, the textures have been edited to a nice orange and activation button similar to that. Obviously, a good mix with the other weapons.

My suggestion for use with this and the others would be to put them all onto one ship, so whatever the situation requires, you can use the required weapon (say a frigate) whilst not giving your fleet too much of an upper-hand. Anyhow, the mod seem's pretty balanced and has been nicely adapted for any race use. Good work.

This is an update to the Ships Systems Wave Package.

This time the wave knocks out enemy engines and also gives them a nice little nudge. (Similar to The Klingon Repulse Wave)


Place the *.tga files in the textures\rgb\ folder
Place the *.odf files in the odf\special_weapons\ folder

Place this at the bottom of the tech1.tt file.
gWjamengine.odf 0

Place this with the other weapon build buttons in the gui_global.spr file
b_gWjamengine gWjamengine 0 0 64 64

To Place on a ship, add this to the ships odf file. Where the X stands for the next available weapon slot, and the XX stands for the hardpoint of your choice.

// Engine Jam Repulse Wave
weaponX = "gWjamengine"
weaponHardpointsX = "hpXX"


The wave textures and the build button were edited from stock textures.

e-mail --> texasaggie1983@tamu.edu

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#1 archerscott 2006-03-27 23:54
Gets my vote! :thumbsup:
#2 Beginner 2006-03-28 04:17
Good idea, don't really use special weapons much but when I do i like them to have a similar effect - good job!

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