Deflector Pulse Deflector Pulse

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Blindeye01, 2004-10-13

You know that deflector pulse that has been used as an excuse for things shuch as a superweapon, tractorbeam nullifier, and tecknobabble answer since TNG? Well, this is it. It is a vairation on the utritrum burst weapon on the Borg diamonds. Finally, you too can have the answer to every third episode causing problem! Download now!

Thank you for downloading the Navigational Deflector Pulse.

This ultritium beam like weapon was seen in the Enterprise episode "zero hour" as a way to destroy the delphic expanse's spheres. The device emits a beam that splits at the point you determine into several beams of great power. It has a low energy consumption, and looks best if you set the weapon to fire out of the navigational deflector of your Federation starship. The setup is fairly easy, so here are the instructions.

Credit goes to me, blindeye01.

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Place the five odf files into the odf\special_weapons folder in the Armada 2 directory.


In the ship odf file of your choice (located in odf\ships) copy and paste the following

// Special Weapon
weaponX = "d"
weaponHardpointsX = "hp01"

NOTE: Replace X with the number your weapon is on the ship. If each other weapon is numbered 1 to 4, change X to 5.


In the file in the techtrees folder,
add this line under Federation Special Weapons:

d.odf 0


In the gui_global file in the Sprites folder, go down to the special weapon buttons section and add this line:

b_d hutritium00 0 0 64 64


Now your all set.


Copyright notices:
Star Trek, Armada, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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#11 Chief_Chainsaw 2007-10-15 21:48
I haven't cracked this open to take peek yet so this will probably sound rahter stupid, but is it setup in a way that I could have it single target, or multi-target from the deflector, or will I have to just take the sprite and apply it to a multi-target phaser.... Oh and if I do need to apply the sprite to a phaser to make it work in that way do you mind if I repost it, giving you full credit of course.
#12 dan1025 2007-12-09 09:34
#7 - It would appear that I've answered your prayer lol, search for "Deflector Beam" and you'll find what you're looking for :-)
#13 Capt_Janeway1978 2008-08-02 22:27
I like this weapon alot i added it to my Nova class ship now i'll kick some butt

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