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Unknown / Anonymous, 2004-10-26

Ahhhh!! Blood!!!!! I hate blood, (faints).

A nice little mod which creeped the hell outta me, makes the borgs weapons appear 'bloody'.

Borg Blood Weapons Mod

by Pillsburry

installation: extract all files into Star Trek Armada II\Textures\RGB

What this mod does: it just adds a bit of 'blood' to borg weapons, except the pulse weapons
if u think u can help me with this, email me

redistrobution/use in ur mod: its ok as long as u include this readme,
and tell me so i can have fun with ur mod :)


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#21 Wraith_166 2005-08-05 14:46
Do the Borg even have blood?
#22 ColdDarkParanoia 2005-10-07 07:44
in first contact (film) its green

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