Bombomadil's Transphasic Torpedoes Bombomadil's Transphasic Torpedoes

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Bombomadil, 2003-01-31

Yes, I know...we've seen these before. Bombomadil's are a little off-canon though: The torpedoes are Multi-colored, which is a welcome change.

Hello Bombomadil here with my weapon:
The transphasic Torpedo

Build Time: About 20 minutes
homepage: N/A

ok now for the install instructions:
step 1.
put the texture in the textures/RGB directory
put the odf's in the odf/special weapons directory

step 2.
you can put the weapon.spr that came with this zip file in the sprites
directory or you can go to the weapon.spr of the sprites directory
and scroll down to the torpedos and
then put in the this line:
# Transphasic Torpedo
fphasic wtransphase 0 0 32 32 @anim=tex4x4

step 3.
equip the torpedo to a ship

step 4.
play the game and enjoy!


Odf's and texture: Bombomadil

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#1 Mr. Greg 2003-01-31 13:09
Bombomadil, please submit some screenshots to my Email address. Make em as big as you want: Our screenshot fuction doesn't except small pictures...

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