Bombomadil's Phase Torpedo Bombomadil's Phase Torpedo

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Bombomadil, 2003-02-01

A nice, colorful torpedo, complete with a button.

Hello Bombomadil here with my special weapon:
The Phase Torpedo

Build Time: About 20 minutes
homepage: N/A

ok now for the install instructions:
step 1.
put the build button in the textures/RGB directory
put the odf's in the odf/special weapons directory

step 2.
go to the Gui_global.gui of the sprites directory
and scroll down till you get to the special weapons section
then put in the this line:
b_gphastorp gbphastorp 0 0 64 64

step 3.
go to the of the techtree directory and scoll down to
the fed special weapon directory and add this line:
gphastorp.odf 0 //Phasing Torpedo

step 4.
play the game and enjoy!

*repeat step 3 on to be able to use this weapon in free techtree


Odf's and Button: Bombomadil

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