Agroborg's Transphasic Torpedoes Agroborg's Transphasic Torpedoes

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AgroBorg, 2002-09-11

This is Agroborg's version of the ever-so-popular Transphasic Torpedoes. Look at the readme for installation instructions.

Hello i am AgroBorg and this is my version of the transphasing torpedos, i have seen other imitations of the trans torpedos and i didn t like the so i create my own

this torpedos are 5 times bigger than a photon torpedo, and 100 times more powerfull than a quantum torpedo, and they can avoid shields also i made them of short range weapon and not very fast, so if you want to destroy the target you gonna have to get really close to your enemy but if you hit him its finished.

one tip: smaller ships can scape from this torpedo if they are quick enough
but are BORG CUBE is history!!!!!!!!!!

to install just copy the files to odf/special weapons and then to the "ship.odf" in the weapon line you must add:
weaponX = "transtorp"
weaponHardpointsX = "hpXX"

that s all ENJOY!!!!!!

AgroBorg..........Resistance is futile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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#1 agroborg 2002-09-11 18:53
this is my weapon if you like or if you dont please say it here!!!!!!!!!!!!! :borg:
#2 voyager009 2002-09-12 14:18
nice..... :-)
#3 Iggy 2002-09-12 19:39
I cant get them to work on the negvar class

I think you left a few files out (build button, etc)

any help would be nice
#4 agroborg 2002-09-14 14:17
the button is the same that the reaction pulse weapon so there is a button just copy the files to special weapons and the add the weapon to the odf file, that is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
#5 agroborg 2002-09-14 14:50
:borg: if anyone has an a idea for my weapon please say it here!!!! :borg:
#6 Iggy 2002-09-15 18:18
I added it and it still doesnt show up

does it need the patch to work

The button isnt showing up, are there specific hardpoints or number of hardpoints

how did you get yours to work (step by step)
#7 agroborg 2002-09-16 01:39
:borg: soon i will release the version 2.0 of the transphasic torpedos, i think i just get all the problems fixed,

Agroborg.................... Resistance is futile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#8 agroborg 2002-09-16 01:41
with this version you will be able to add the weapon to your ships without problem
#9 Iggy 2002-09-16 08:27
Ive wanted to recreate the Neg'Vars in Endgame for a long time. Im thinking Slipstream, Transphasics, Cloak, and lots of phasers/photons, but Ive tried to duplicate other peoples slipstreams and torpedoes, and noting ever shows up in game. This is the first step.

If anyone knows how to duplicate a slipstream and make it work in game please tell me

#10 hexit 2002-10-11 05:58
Agroborg...why don't you make an anti-fusion cube wepon that splits the fusion cube back into eight cubes? It would stop those annoying FC's TFC's making the game very one sided..

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