Agroborg's Solar Torpedoes Agroborg's Solar Torpedoes

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AgroBorg, 2002-09-20

A nice, original design, they look like Sun torpedoes Wink

Solar Torpedoes

Hi iam Agroborg, again, and this are my very own Solar Torpedoes

to install:

copy the odf`s to special weapons folder and the tga to rgb in textures.
Copy soltorp.wav to sounds/effects.
then go to techtree and in tech1 in the section of federation special weapons ADD: solar.odf 0
then go to sprites and in gui_global.spr in the section of special weapons ADD:

b_solar wsol 0 0 64 64

then in weapons.spr below: @reference=256

# Solar Torpedoes
solara solar 0 0 64 64 @anim=tex4x4

Finally, go to the ship where you want to add the weapon line add:
weaponX = \"solar\"
weaponHardpointsX = \"hp01\"

Agroborg......................Resistance is futile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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#1 STOMPAWAMPA 2003-09-19 18:49
cool torps 20/10
#2 isotopia 2004-10-31 03:15
It's orange, it's got to do with solar energy (which they were workin with in Bridge Commander,) and nobody seems to make special weapons for anybody besides the Feds and Borg... I humbly suggest a Cardassian Solar Torp Mod.
#3 undedavenger 2009-11-11 06:27
Actually looks a lot like the plasma cannon on the Romulan BOP from "Balance of Terror". Therefore, with some slight modifications, it is going into my TOS install. Good job!

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