A2 Genesis Weapon A2 Genesis Weapon

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KaBoom1701, 2004-04-09

Nice weapon which destroys a planet! by KaBoom1701

Armada2 Genesis Super Weapon mini-mod, V 1.0 For Armada II
By KaBoom1701


This weapon was made by Westworld and all credit goes to him for making the original in Armada 1. You must have Armada 2 patched to version 1.1 for this mod to work properly. This mini-mod adds the Genesis super weapon to the Federation in the game Star Trek Armada II. This mod is a stand only mod and not compatible with any other mod.

Included in the mod:

1. Federation genesis construction ship.
2. Button for the genesis const ship, weapon & genesis pod.
3. The Adv. shipyard has been setup to build the genesis construction ship from it.
4. Tech Tree support for Standard tech only.
5. Genesis SOD. & Texture files.

How to:


Unzip the file and Run the installation. The install will install the mod into the default Star Trek Armada 2 directory with no need for any file editing on the part of the user. If your Armada 2 is in a directory other than the default one then you will have to direct the installer to the correct directory.

For advanced users who wish to install the mod manually, direct the installer to install to a temporary directory. Then copy the files over to your Armada 2 directory. Once you copy the files over you can uninstall the mod and it will remove the files from your temp directory and your "Installed Programs" list.


Go to your control panel from the Start menu>Settings>control panel.

Double Click on the Add/Remove Programs icon and select the mod from the list of installed software.

Then click the add/remove button. Follow the instructions in the uninstall window.

Use the mod:

1. Simply start a game of your choice playing as the Federation.
2. The Genesis Construction Ship will become available from the Adv. shipyard.
3. After the ship is constructed from the Adv. shipyard you must Activate the weapon by building the genesis pod from the ship.
4. After the genesis pod is created you can detonate the weapon at any time.
5. Once the weapon is activated you cannot deactivate the genesis weapon.
6. WARNING : Once you detonate the weapon run like hell because the whole sector is going to see one BIG KABOOM!


The idea for this mod came from the original Armada Empires & Federation total conversion mod by Apoc. The Genesis weapon is the greatest super weapon ever created for the Armada universe. The original creator of the awesome weapon is Westworld and all credit goes to him. All I did was make it compatible for Armada2 and add a few minor things. Hope you enjoy the mod and I wish you many KABOOM's! :)

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices:

Star Trek, Star Trek Armada II, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. If you use this model in any Star Trek Armada project please include this file or at least credit to the creators. Please do not modify this file or the included texture with out seeking the author?s opinion. Nothing legal here, it is just polite.

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#21 B4LE 2004-05-05 10:07
Of course it doesn't really matter anymore now that I don't play FreeTech anymore but Standard. :-)

It's a great weapon Kaboom. Super powerful. A difference maker. So much so I had to raise the price on it so I wouldn't be tempted to use it as much.

Only issue? My fault really...I detonated one at my own base camp when I pressed the wrong button and nearly wiped out my entire group.

All that was left standing was a regular base and a trading station. Everything else (save for a few ships on missions) were destroyed.

Great work, Kaboom!
#22 KaBoom1701 2004-05-05 10:48
Your Welcome!
#23 Captain_Steve 2004-08-05 06:24
it would work better as a torpedo.

other than that...beautiful work.
#24 KBX 2004-11-20 12:31
i can't get it to work, i tried to put it on a miranda, and that works, except the planet just shrinks instead of exploding
#25 Guest 2005-02-23 05:36
a beautiful weapon. is there anywhere else i can download ur other mods?


i wouldnt use it, but it looks beautiful anyway
#26 Slider17 2005-08-24 22:35
Very cool! I like mods that work in elements from other storylines. Rock
#27 KaBoom1701 2005-09-08 22:42
Looks like the d/l count is high on this one. lol
#28 112joesam 2008-04-15 14:25
I downloaded and instaled it but there wasnt any button to fire it and No way to research it, please help cus this mod looks so cool!
#29 KsDClanCom 2008-05-01 11:19
@1 O.K it semms to be a bit late for this comment but here's a Quote from the film:

What if Genesis would be used on a Planet, where life already exists?

It would destroy the Live [...]!

O.K my English is to bad to quote this correctely!

All in all Genesis COULD be a horrible Weapon!

10/10 good work! Keep on :thumbsup:

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