2000th File! 2000th File!

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kel333, 2006-09-30

"These are the voyages of the starship "Armada2Files", on its continuing mission to serve the Armada 2 community with mods, to seek out new modders and next modding projects. To boldly go, where no other Armada 2 modding site has gone before."

This mod is the result of hundreds of developers sending in weapons, maps, ships, stations, splash screens, wallpapers, PoTD's, cracking total conversions, tutorials and everything else that goes in tune with this site. The community, goes with saying, has kept this game and site alive for many years and now, on this day, Armada2Files has its 2000th mod and I think that's something to celebrate!

What Kel has done for this mod though is take some fireworks, equip each Federation stock ships with different weapon effects and allowed for a pretty firework display...in space Tongue Now obviously, it'll be cool to see each one in action, but I think this is the real case when you'll want an armada to play with for a few minutes. Download now and celebrate!!

Note from Kel: "I changed the Input.map file so that the Map Editor doesn't launch when you try to select all visible ships. The command to launch the Map Editor is now- Control/Alt/Shift/A (press all at once)."

Mod name: 2000th_File.exe
Modder: kel333
Date: 29Sep06

******** Introduction ********

This is a quick mod I made to commemorate A2 File's 2000th Mod. Once it's installed, just run the game and choose the Feds. I made several copies of fbattle and one of fbaseHQ to showcase my weapons. Each ship has its own special firework launcher. You may select one ship or station, or choose several ships to launch the pyrotechnic special weapons. Because of classlable constraints, each ship will fire it's own special weapon with it's own separate hotkey. But, as a group, any of the hotkeys (F1 -F6) will fire ALL selected ship's pyrotechnic special weapons at once. Once you've seen what individual ships can do, I recommend selecting a large group and firing multiple times all around the screen to simulate a BIG Fireworks show. The normal weapons are also outfitted with my idea of fun.

******** Installation ********

Caution! If you want to be able to revert to your earlier configuration, MAKE A BACKUP OF ARMADA BEFORE INSTALLING THIS or any other mods. ;)

After downloading this to your PC,
1) just extract the EXE to a temporary location (anywhere except into your Armada directory)

2) then execute the EXE by double-clicking on it. Make the install location the same as the location of your A2 directory - (default is C:\Program Files\Activision) - and allow overwrites.

2a) Make sure when overwriting that the files in question have the same name e.g.- if you execute over the Star Trek Armada II folder, you should be okay.

3) Now load up the game to see your changes.

To revert to the old files, just restore the backup copy you made before you began. Or, for seasoned modders, you can go into the Activision\Star Trek Armada II\bitmaps directory and compare/replace the files you choose.

******** Credits ********

I used Dragon Master's Readme as a template because of its exemplary organization and fullness.

******** Disclaimer ********

This mod is not supported by Activision. Star Trek and all its affiliates are owned by Paramount.
This will not alter your game, does not contain any new files or programs, and is completely safe.
You may use any of the material I made in your own mod... just give credit to me.

******** Bugs ********

There's a bug that makes the pyrotecnic special weapons always miss when targeting a ship or station. This isn't a problem as they are set to target anywhere. So, until I figure out why, just target some empty space where there are no ships/stations (unless you want to watch your ordinance fly away).

Because of time constraints, I wasn't able to make custom sounds for the Fireworks. I apologize, as this would have added more immersion to the celebration. In the future, I MAY offer a patch with custom sounds and, possibly, new textures/weapons.

******** Contact Info ********

If you need help, just post your problem under the mod itself. Or I may be able to help you more personally through e-mail, if the need arises.

******** Closing ********

Good luck and have fun.
IWL kel333.

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#1 Lastword 2006-09-30 10:22
Yay at last more files will be uploaded. Good job 10/10
#2 Ultimate_Dragon 2006-09-30 15:34
lol i love the fact you used my readme format b/c it was so organized Rock
#3 kel333 2006-09-30 16:48
Thanks for the kudos Joel. As I wasn't sure you'd like it, it's a nice surprise to come here and see that it's appreciated. There're a couple thing in the Readme that could use correcting. Should I send you an amended Readme to replace the one in the zip, or just state it here?

These lines should read like this:

To revert to the old files, just restore the backup copy you made before you began. Or, for seasoned modders, you can go into the ActivisionStar Trek Armada II directory and compare/replace the files you choose.

******** Disclaimer ********

This mod is not supported by Activision. Star Trek and all its affiliates are owned by Paramount.

This will alter your game, but does not contain any harmful files or programs, and is completely safe.

Should be fine here :-) - J7
#4 kel333 2006-09-30 17:42
10/10? Well, thanks.

Actually, after getting some sleep, (I stayed up waaay too late working on this) I realized it wasn't as good as I'd hoped.

I originally got the idea for this mod after watching a fireworks display last July. I had intended to make the fireworks just like the ones you see in our sky... and all different sorts... but I also realized that in space, the physics would cause unusual behavior from what we're used to. So this is what I came up with/this is way they'd look like if set off outside the Earths atmosphere.

If I'd had more time, I might've made things allot different but, for a rush job, I guess it's cool. I mean, the first time you set 'em off, it IS pretty impressive! Although, after a few hours, you're likely to get bored from just watching. lol Why not take on the Borg with nothing but a pyrotechnics display? Assimilate this...

Anyway, I've decided to improve this mod, as I find the time. I'll be sprucing up the textures/sprites, adding more weapons/effects and, of course, custom sounds. I have allot of ideas to upgrade this project, even if it is only for esthetics.

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