Star Trek Armada II - Beginnings Star Trek Armada II - Beginnings

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DinosaurJR, 2007-09-26

This is a little teaser pack for the eagerly anticipated Star Trek Armada 2: Beginnings. "Beginnings" or otherwise known as the "4 days war" is a large scale mod which is based around a 4 day war between the Klingons and Federation in the TOS era, specifically September 2266 (and of course the Romulans are involved). This mod isn't part of the Mod Centre, yet, but it has been on the forums for quite sometime now so if you want to acquire more detailed info about this mod then click here. This pack contains 4 vessels from the four main combatant races;

  • Paris Class Heavy Destroyer (Federation)
    The Paris Class is a strange but excellent TOS design. It appears on many of the Starfleet charts on the net and detailed information can be found here. This mod is pretty close to the concept designs and looks great in A2, although it's shape is a bit blocky but it is still a very cool ship. Smile

  • Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser (Terran Empire)
    Well this ship is quite impressive, it is definately the best ship in this pack. The level of detail in the ship's design is remarkable and also boasts a very nice textured hull.

  • E12 Class Bird of Prey (Klingons)
    This bird of prey is a very cool ship. It appears to be a ship that is a bridge between the original D-7's and the TNG BoPs, thus it looks like a D-7/B'rel Kitbash. The textures are a bit monotone but then again the TOS Klingons did like their grey. Smile

  • Centurion Class BoP (Romulan Star Empire)
    Many of you will remember this from Balance of Terror. This is original Romulan BoP and it looks great. This one is very like the canon version, even down to the textures and wing markings. This is a fantastic ship.

Great work from dinosaurJR, can't wait for more releases from this mod, going on what I have seen in the forums and this teaser pack this mod should be one hell of a mod. I suggest looking at the forum to see some truly amazing TOS ships.


Star Trek Armada II - Beginnings
Teaser Pack

By dinosaurJR

Just thought I would release a little bit of my fourth coming mod, to drum up a little more interest :)

In this ship pack you will find:

The Paris Class Federation Heavy Destroyer
The Constitution Class Terran Empire Heavy Cruiser
The E12 class Klingon 1st Generation Bird of Prey
The Centurion Class Romulan Bird of Prey

Also included are build buttons, wireframes and admiral's log pics.

Sadly, there is no .exe to install these ships ,but dont worry, I will explain everything...

1 - Use win zip (or win rar, if you have it) to extract the zipped contents to the desktop.

2 - take all 4 .sod files and put them into the folder named somthing like:

c:/programfiles/activision/star trek armadaII/sod

3 - take all of the build buttons (files with the prefix gb) wireframes and texture files and put them into:

c:/programfiles/activision/star trek armadaII/textures/rgb

4 - take the 4 .bmp files and put them into:

c:/programfiles/activision/star trek armadaII/bitmaps/admiralslog/shipimages

5 - take the odf file named "lrpulse" and put it in:

c:/programfiles/activision/star trek armadaII/odf/weapons/phasers

6 - put the 4 odf files that remain into:

c:/programfiles/activision/star trek armadaII/odf/ships

Now that all the files are in the right place, time to add the ships to the game...

7 - The following should add the build buttons to the game - add the following lines to the gui_global

( found at - c:/programfiles/activision/star trek armadaII/sprites )

b_Fparis gbFparis 0 0 64 64

b_TEconnie gbTEconnie 0 0 64 64

b_Ke12 gbKe12 0 0 64 64

b_Rcent gbRcent 0 0 64 64

Note that each one of these lines must be added at the correct place in the file - after the line

# ******** build buttons


WHERE ********* = the race that each ship belongs to - hope that makes sense? Please note that I have
personally assigned the Terrans to replace the Cardassians.

8 - now for the wire frames :)

again in the gui_global, enter for each ship:

Fparisw1 fedwireframe_3 0 0 256 256
Fparisw2 fedwireframe_3 0 0 256 256
Fparisw3 fedwireframe_3 0 0 256 256
Fparisw4 fedwireframe_3 0 0 256 256
Fparisw5 fedwireframe_3 0 0 256 256

Ke12w1 klingwireframe_1 0 0 256 256
Ke12w2 klingwireframe_1 0 0 256 256
Ke12w3 klingwireframe_1 0 0 256 256
Ke12w4 klingwireframe_1 0 0 256 256
Ke12w5 klingwireframe_1 0 0 256 256

Rcentw1 romwireframe_1 0 0 256 256
Rcentw2 romwireframe_1 0 0 256 256
Rcentw3 romwireframe_1 0 0 256 256
Rcentw4 romwireframe_1 0 0 256 256
Rcentw5 romwireframe_1 0 0 256 256

TEconniew1 TEwireframe_2 0 0 256 256
TEconniew2 TEwireframe_2 0 0 256 256
TEconniew3 TEwireframe_2 0 0 256 256
TEconniew4 TEwireframe_2 0 0 256 256
TEconniew5 TEwireframe_2 0 0 256 256

Again, each wireframe reference must be added after the line

#******** wireframes

WHERE ********* = the race that each ship belongs to.

9 - To add the ship to a shipyard, you must open the ship yards ODF file
(found in c:/programfiles/activision/star trek armadaII/odf/stations) and add the line:

buildItem# = "Rcent" - add this line to ryard.odf
buildItem# = "Ke12" - add this line to kyard.odf
buildItem# = "TEconnie" - add this line to cyard.odf
buildItem# = "Fparis" - add this line to fyard.odf

note that # = the next space in the build list - so if the one above is buildItem7 = "" then the next must be
buildItem8 ="" and so on...

10 - now that all of thats done, you need to add the ships to the tech tree:

open the folder techtree , found at c:/programfiles/activision/star trek armadaII/techtree, and look
for the file

Here you will find a list of all the odf files relating to ships and stations etc, grouped according to race.
at the end of each race's list, you need to add the line

Fparis.odf 0 - at the end of the federation list
Ke12.odf 0 - at the end of the klingon list
TEconnie.odf 0 - at the end of the cardassian list
Rcent.odf 0 - at the end of the romulan list

now save and exit. open the file, found in the same folder, and add in the relevant section (its pretty
self explanatory here)

Fparis.odf 1 fyard.odf //paris class
Ke12.odf 1 kyard.odf // E-12 class bop
Rcent.odf 1 ryard.odf // centurion class (BoP)
TEconnie.odf 1 cyard.odf //mirror universe constitution class

11 - Ok, now that was a lot of work - was it worth it? well you guys get to decide, as you now will find the
Paris class, E12 class, Centurion Class and the Terran Empire Constitution Class are added to your game,
to be built from each race's basic ship yard. Hope you guys enjoy?!?!?!?

Just a wee disclaimer to say that this is all my own work and is owned exclusively by me(dinosaurJR).
Although partially based on designs from the Starfleet Museum (paris class).
This work is NOT endorsed or in any way connected to Paramount, Activision or Mad Doc and is used at your own risk,
note this also refers to the above instructions (numbered 1 through 10). I will not accept responsibility
for any damage done to your computer or Armada II install through the use of these files, or the above instructions.

I will not permit any modification to these files, unless modified for private use only.

That said, I allow these files (in their current state only) to be used by modders in any other mod.

Sorry for the seriousness there, but I just want to keep myself covered. :)

Special Thanks and credit must go to Masao Okazaki of the Star Fleet Museum for his wonderful starship designs :)

If there are any problems, dont hesitate to contact me, either though the armada2 filefront forums (im called
dinosaurJR there too) or via email - student_freeloader-AT-hotmail-DOT-com

Version  Teaser Pack  Author  DinosaurJR  Website   
Downloads  1,368  Size  2.26 MB  Created  2007-09-26 



#1 Transmission 2007-09-26 15:56
Must give you credit where due, these models (whilst big on the bustard collectors) are nice, and the mod is greatly anticipated. ;-)
#2 insert_name_heer 2007-09-26 17:07
eh, the textures could siriously use a retexture, but the models look good. if this mod gets alot of downloads, a retexture will eventualy pop up and THEN it'll Rock

10/10 for a good idea.
#3 IKS_Yo_Mama 2007-09-27 00:57
it's an ongoing W.I.P so I wouldn't look too much into this prelude in terms of faults/bugs but I think the texturing is good, especially the rest of the ships that we've seen for STA2: Beginnings
#4 dan1025 2007-09-27 04:18
Great to know the shape of things to come, can't wait to pay the full mod :-)
#5 Grig 2007-10-26 22:33
Shouldn't that be the Paris-class 'light cruiser' instead of the heavy destroyer? Great ship ^^ off with the name though
#6 Ncc1701A 2010-01-03 02:52
this mod Rocks but i want the full version not the teaser i want the real deal when is it
#7 dinosaurJR 2010-02-08 07:38
Wow - necro post a go go

Em - The mod was kinda killed off due to work, RL, Uni, emigration...

However, I will get round to it again - after Halo FC (the current project im working on...) is done... Possibly closer to next year...

The Feds are almost finished, the Terrans have all their combat ships, The Klingons are about 40% there, the Romulans 25% done, the Tholians 10% and I was working on the GUI / BButtons, secret additional race etc when I put the mod on Pause...

So - maybe end 2011? Im sorry - Im only being realistic...

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