Romulan Splash Screen Romulan Splash Screen

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Captain Rich, 2008-02-24

Anyone need a new splash screen to start off your Armada 2 games? Well if you do then have a peak at this. This is a splash for the pointed-eared ones - The Romulan logo. A little simplistic but the logo does pull it off.. Not bad, give it a try if you want Smile

Romulan Spash screen

Not that good but i was bored so i thought i will upload it.


put splash.bmp in your armada 2 file.

ps. back up your origonal slash.bmp



if used in a mod credit me please

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Downloads  342  Size  91.13 KB  Created  2008-02-24 



#1 FekleyrTarg 2008-02-25 04:55
It looks col.

That the Romulan Splash from Star Trek: New Worlds, isn't it?

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