Klingon Missions 1-6 Replacement Klingon Missions 1-6 Replacement

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Visioneer, 2002-06-26

This replace the first 6 klingons missions in the single player

Hello all.

I\'m proud to present to you my new single player mod, well part of it. The mod is in beta stages but I think you have to agree that with-in 1 week I\'ve done very well.


I have made it easier to install the mod this time round. Just unzip the files into your main Armada II folder and let it do the rest!!

Hint : Make a back-up file of your objectives, bzn and techtree folders as you may want to return armada II back to the way it was. (Nah, you wouldn\'t want to do that this mod is to good to do that LOL!!!)


Only one problem, some missions are too hard and some are too easy. To be fixed for full release of sp mod!!

Hope you enjoy what I have done so far

Yours Visioneer

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#1 SquireJames5 2006-12-03 21:55
It sounds good, but, what does it actually do?

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