Improved Single Player Campaign Improved Single Player Campaign

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thunderfoot006, 2009-11-28

Here is the latest version of the Improved Single Player Campaign. This is a much better version of the original mod and I am pleased to present it to A2Files. It has been highly praised on MSFC and a local network site where I live. It has been extensively reworked and adjusted to provide a more challenging, more satisfying AI opponent. This version includes all three Single Player campaigns. In addition, I have reworked the Instant Action AIPs and buildlists as well. No part of the Campaigns was overlooked in the effort to make the missions more rewarding to play. Nothing was left undone to make the Instant Action AI opponents equally challenging.

Oh, yeah. Just one more thing. I hope you have as much fun playing this as I did making it.

- thunderfoot

Single Player Campaign, Improved - Version 2.0
by thunderfoot


Two other sites you A2Fanatics ought to go check out. AFC is the oldest of the Armada sites and has content by some of the grand masters of A2 modding from early on in their careers. MSFC has content which is stable, spectacular, and unique. I promise you, you ll not be sorry if you visit.


- A ReadMe, which no one will read.
- Installation Instructions, complete with uninstall instructions also. Ignore these at your own risk!
- The files needed to add in this mod.
- Backups of the stock files, because we all forget to backup our game whenever we add in something. These are here for your benefit and convienence.


Hey, Y'all! Credits belong at the top of the ReadMe. Not the bottom. No one ever makes it that far down the ReadMe.

-Gene Roddenberry, for giving us such a cool place to play.
-Achilles, for graciously allowing us to use his AIPs as the start point for this.
-Chiletrek, for being my mentor and role model when it comes to modding A2.
-Freyr, for some excellent ideas. Also for the perfect splash screen.
-The Playtesters, for putting up with my crazy ideas at all hours of the day and night. And for some killer suggestions which made the AI much nastier.
-YOU, for D/L'ing this mod.


Achilles. His gracious permission to examine and use his ideas and concepts gave this project the perfect start.


While I was working up A2PP, I play tested the mod by continually grabbing an SP Campaign mission along with an IA game. Originally, I planned the SP Campaign redo as part of A2PP because the SP Missions are, well, let's just say they need some help. I had a series of PMs with Achilles about his ruthless AIPs and the ideas behind them. He graciously permitted me to use them as a start point. The more I looked into changing the AIPs and buildlists as part of A2PhysProj, the more I realized the Single Player Campaign needed to be split off into its own mod so it could recieve the care and attention it deserved. This is the second version of the Single Player Campaign and it includes Instant Action AIPs and build lists.

NOTES: This mod was developed with the following conditions in place:
1) Patch 1.1 applied.
2) The Single Player officer limit changed to 750. A modded RTS_CFG file is included.
3) Some play testers used A2PP X while helping out with this, since this was originally intended to be a part of that project.

It may work fine with your personal install without these conditions in place, it just has not been tested that way.


This patch has been tested only within the SP Campaign and Instant Action vs. my laptop. I do not know if it will work in online Multiplayer. I accept no responsibility for your computer, disc, or application. This patch was checked for viruses and completeness before upload. If it does not work correctly the first time, please go back and read the Installation Instructions. Then, install the mod again AFTER you read the Installation Instructions.

This patch has not been tested for compatability with either PP1.2.5 or FLOPs. My laptop cannot play FLOPs so I saw little sense in checking this. I have Yacuzza's Tactical Assault and Achilles Art of War installed. I have not yet run across any problems with either of these but I did not really push either install to the limits of the game engine either.

If you choose to delete this because of the above, I am okay with that. I made this for me in the first place anyway.


Permission is granted before anyone asks to use anything included herein for another project destined for public release. That is correct. You have permission prior to asking to include this in your own publicly released mods. I do insist the people listed above are mentioned in the credits if you use any of this in your own mod. They put a lot of time into helping me out. Their hard work deserves public recognition and acknowledgement. Finally, I cannot really prevent you from taking all or part of this and claiming you did it. But if you do this, you and I will always know the truth of the matter, won't we?


Any doubts, questions or suggestions, you can email or PM thunderfoot at MSFC.
All of the people mentioned by name herein are blameless for anything which may be wrong with this mod. All mistakes are the property of thunderfoot.

Compliments? Well now! We shall reply promptly to your kind words.
Complaints? We find complaints are generally about either a serious technical error within the mod or they are just people whining. If it is the first one, we ll do everything we reasonably can do to solve the problem. If it is the second one, you are on your own. We suggest you delete this patch and never again download anything else by us.



Copyright notices:
Star Trek, Star Trek Armada II, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them)
are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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