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Mod.png A2 Physics Project Version X, Updated 2008 Winner: Gameplay

(5 votes)

The winner in the New Gameplay Concept category this year is thunderfoot006's considerable improvement to the A2 Physics Project, Version X.

 thunderfoot006 2009-01-31   5.75 MB 3,568 Comments: 23

Mod.png The A2 Physics Project 1.0

(20 votes)

This mod changes everything you know about fire and movement in A2. thunderfoot006 and myself, in conjunction with some of the best minds in this comm…

 theStarfleetKid 2008-02-03   692.27 KB 1,299 Comments: 24

Mod.png The A2 Physics Project - Final Version not actually final

(6 votes)

A2 PHYSICS PROJECT MISSION STATEMENT - To modify movement, combat movement, weapons, and sensor ranges within stock Armada II with Patch 1.1 and Patch…

 thunderfoot006 2008-11-01   1.48 MB 1,284 Comments: 15

Mod.png The A2 Physics Project 1.1 Version 1.1

(8 votes)

Recently, we released the Borg and Species 8472 add ons for the A2 Physics Project. This caused me to look again at the original project.

 thunderfoot006 2008-05-17   820.64 KB 911 Comments: 10