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Yacuzza, 2007-12-09

Unexpected. That's the word that springs to mind when playing this mod (and no, I'm not just a fan of one word intros). Unexpected in arrival, unexpected in delivery; they go hand-in-hand it seems. So why, with a good mod, am I finding it hard to give full marks? It does everything right; give me stunning backgrounds, planetary textures (guys, he's only put on frikkin' clouds that move!) and a few new features above the previous package, but there are just a few things niggling away at me that just make me scream 'patch'! So, lets get the bad stuff out of the way first.

The introduction of planetary clouds and rotation is phenomenal, but those who played stock Bridge Commander will remember that planets had those weird 'blocks' of textures because that's how they were done and that appears here. Yes, the planets look lovely, but they also can look quite garing as well. The further back you are though, the better they appear to be, so hold that in mind (and it also seems as if zoom-out has been increased, so for those with a slightly more powerful PC can hold to zoom out and observe more of the battle). The Latinum nebulae, even though changed in the previous version as well still bug me, being basically a yellow rock with slightly darker yellow spots on them. That, but very small too. It just seems inconsistent that miners would dart back and forth to a rock that is the size of a freighter bridge. I've heard of density, but a size increase couldn't harm. A fix of planetary atmospheres (as seen in Legacy) seems to have rendered them...well, non-existent. Did Q not like them? As you can see, there are just these little points that collect up to be quite frustrating and I hope are addressed in a future, but not too future, patch.

That said, there's still lots of great stuff in here. The mod nicely splits game-play with graphics, with new asteroids both being stunning to look at and dangerous, as dust damages your shields (hiding place, but not for too long). As mentioned previously, the man has put in clouds that rotate on planets that should have them. Okay, so they're a little quick, but I didn't think you could build a Galaxy class starship in 30 or so seconds. The replaced textures are generally a notch above their previous incarnations, with the detail on dilithium moons being simply phenomenal and the best for them I have ever seen (and I've seen a LOT of dilithium moons). The hues for everything just right and the backgrounds fitting in seamlessly.

All-in-all, it's very decent, but I'm afraid only decent and not fantastic. Perhaps I was expecting a bit more from this (and as such, believes it warrants a patch, especially to fix seeming non-features) and perhaps it's not quite as exciting because its been done before, in 1.0. It remains to be seen though for a mod to break the graphical barrier (and hint of game-play changing elements) that Yacuzza has done and for this reason, I still salute him with this piece of work.

[Note, .exe for installation included]


V 1.01

This new pack is second version of first release and few things are updated.
New suns textures and higher poly models for them
New arteroid fields in 3 diferent variations
New dilithium moons models
Fixed planet glow problem(they dont show up in distant now)
Fixed problems with few sod and odf files
Fixed asteroid fiels �problem� with going through them, and new thing is that
asteroid dust can damage your ships.


Special thanks to Raven Night (Nightsoft) & Nanobyte
Bethesda and Mad Doc for Legacy universe textures.

few texture parts are made by Nightsoft so here is ther Licence:


The mods listed are the property of Nightsoft, Inc., patent pending, and are not to be distributed for profit,
sold, bartered, rented, or otherwise used for personal gain without express permission from the owner. All
rights are reserved.

Permission is hereby given to all that wish to distribute or alter these mods, as long as the conditions of the
readme are met and this license is included in the readme, and appears at the top of the document. The mod
must remain proprietary; usage is restricted to SFC, BC, KA and Armada. You must also secure permission from
the original author of the mod. If you wish to alter one of the mods in any way, we ask that you contact the
original author for permission before you release it to the public. If you do not follow the aforementioned
conditions, you will be considered in violation of this user license agreement, and will be subject to legal action.
Any and all subsequent alterations or additions to the products are the property of Nightsoft. Nightsoft
reserves the right to alter this Licence at any time.


You can contact me with any questions on yacuzza@gmail.com


Version  1.01  Author  Yacuzza  Website   
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#1 ameba 2007-12-10 11:25
is this gonna be included in the upcoming a2upgrade project mod? sure hope so...

beside of all the well grounded nitpicking i love this mod - it has changed the look of my a2 to something so much better....
#2 Joelteon7 2007-12-10 15:56
Just for note, whilst talking to Yacuzza last night, there does seem to be a patch on the way and some of the issues I raised should be fixed, so there you have it guys, power in action :D
#3 CAPNACIMENTO 2007-12-12 08:20
do not see no downloading of this site
#4 SquireJames5 2007-12-12 20:52
Pray tell, what are you talking about?
#5 thunderfoot006 2007-12-13 18:03
I was simply stunned by the beauty of the first Midnight Universe. It is the reason I got into modding in the first place.
#6 Return_of_Elrond 2008-01-25 07:23
Nice to see more mods coming out lately.

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