KOTR addon for SWFC KOTR addon for SWFC

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Admiral_Icehawk, 2008-02-08

This is the long awaited KOTR mod. It adds the ships seen in hugely popular Star Wars RPG Knights Of The Old Republic to the existing Star Wars Fleet Command mod. (http://armada2.filefront.com/file/Star_Wars_Fleet_Command;8831)

Version  0.5  Author  Admiral_Icehawk  Website   
Downloads  1,716  Size  15.08 MB  Created  2008-02-08 



#11 dan1025 2008-03-02 07:23
Someone really needs to write a new review for this.
#12 DarthEdwin 2008-03-05 10:13
can we get this for armada 1 along with SWFC for armada 1 plz my armada 2 won't work
#13 WerdBorg 2008-08-21 11:44
This mod is awesome-Best KOTOR game mod for a non-Star Wars game. I love the fact that the 2 prequel era's have been split up so that u can have a pure KOTOR experience attacking the Ravager with 3 Inexpugnable class ships(The mod has them as Couragious Class but who cares). The Sith have the Imperial March Remix as backing music which is so 8)

The Ebon Hawk is also a hero ship for the Republic at the start along with a lone Upgraded Interdictor class ship the Liberator. Hell even the Starforge is available. This mod Rocks Infinite/10

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