Jetfreak's Minimod Jetfreak's Minimod

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Jetfreak, 2007-04-03

Well, this small mod add's Bussard Collectors to the Iwo Jima, and makes the Intrepid Class stronger (giving her Quantums, the ability to detect cloak, and better stats). In addition, the hardpoint for the Intrepid's Torpedos have been moved.

- Ash

Jetfreak's mini mod

Author: Jetfreak
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How to install:

1. Backup your origional fassault.tga and fcruise3.tga files. (in-case you don't like what you get.)

2. Replace the original files with the ones I have made. (Overwrite if asked.)

3. Remove the fassault_1 & _2 and fcruise3_1 & _2 files. (be sure they are backed up.)

4. Put all ODFs in their the ODF/ships folder. (back up them too)

Now your ready to go!!!

What this mod will do:

1) You will see that the Intrepid's Torpedo launcher position has been adjusted to make it look more canon and accurate

2) Iwo Jima has additional penants and a Bussard collector (the red thingys on nacelles)

3) Intrepid becomes stronger, has quantums, can detect cloak, new tool tip and has more ship names

FinAL WOrds:
I hope you enjoy this mod

Any comments you have are welcome.

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#1 AdmarilRyan 2007-04-03 10:37
I believe this is the developers first mod, and in that regard it is an excellant start.
#2 Chiletrek 2007-04-03 14:32

I agree, I specially like the new bussard collectors for the Iwo Jima.

Downloading now.

Keep it up!
#3 ColdDarkParanoia 2007-04-04 01:05
those iwo's are very nice :-)
#4 Jetfreak 2007-04-04 17:06
Oh!! I forgot to give credit to my friend, John Alim, who made that ODF for the Intrepid! Sorry!!!!

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