Merciless Klingon AI (for the stock game) Merciless Klingon AI (for the stock game)

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Freyr, 2010-02-07

This new Merciless AI replaces the Klingon Hard AI build list, and also contains a new set of personality parameters for the hardest difficulty level AI. (either Merciless, or Hard depending on which mod you have installed)

The build list makes the Klingon AI a lot more dangerous in it's own right on the hardest difficulty level in an Instant Action/ skirmish game, but the real development here is the new personality. The hardest difficulty level AI will now act more intelligently with fleet deployments on both the offensive and defensive.

This has been available in a thread on the forums since November, but I thought a larger audience might like a crack at the current state-of-the-art in Armada AI's.

Merciless Klingon AI, Version 1

Thank you for downloading this and for taking the time to read the readme file. This mod includes a new AI that makes the Klingon Hard AI... hard.

Because this makes changes to the .AIP files this is not compatible with version 1.1 for multiplayer games.


0. Credits
1. Installation
2. System Requirements
3. Online Multiplayer
4. Known Issues
5. Disclaimer
6. Contact
7. Distribution/Authorised download mirrors
8. Third party use

0 - Credits

Freyr - Everything.

1 - Installation

Place all of the AIP files contained within the zip file in the AIP folder (Star Trek Armada II/AI/AIP).

2 - System Requirements

This requires the stock Klingon race to be present. Nothing else is required.

3 - Online Multiplayer

You cannot play online with this against a stock installation.

4 - Known Issues


5 - Disclaimer

As required by the Armada 2 End User License Agreement: -


6 - Contact

email :

7 - Distribution/hosting & Commercial use

If you are interested in hosting this file or distributing it in any manner then please contact us.

Hosting, or any other form of distribution is hereby forbidden without prior written permission. The use in Armada II Modifications is allowed as per section 8 below.

The reasons for this are fairly simple

1) We want to know where our files are being downloaded from!

2) Some sites have terms of service that are unacceptable and we don't wish to be subject to them.

3) We would prefer only having a couple of download mirrors because its considerably easier to update a smaller number of mirrors.

8 - Third party use

Lastly, this AI can be reused in whole or part in Armada 2 Modifications on the condition that we are credited in your readme.

All other rights are reserved.

If you decide to use this in an Armada II mod then i'd appreciate a quick email letting us know that your using it.

If you wish to edit files to suit your Armada II mod then you may do so, in return we ask that you consider sharing your alterations with the Armada II community under the same conditions we make them available to you under, but you have no obligation to do so.

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