Yesteryears Mod Manual Yesteryears Mod Manual

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Majestic, 2006-12-24

Well, you all know of Yesteryears (if you don't, shame on you) Wink - Here we have the Mod Manual for it. Just a little something put together by the team. I'm fairly impressed (even though it could had told us who the 4th race was going to be) Tongue And there are a few fairly decent ships to be seen (some ugly ones too) Tongue - But all in all, it makes to want the project more Wink


Do note, this file requires a password (which is in the ReadMe). For those of you who rarely bother with the ReadMe file, this time, your going to have to.

Thank you for downloading the Yesteryears Mod Manual.

This quick readme is designed to firstly thank Syf for all the hard work he has been putting into the mod. This mod would be nowhere near where it is without his efforts. Also I would like to thank the community at both Majestic Sci-Fi Central and A2Files for taking an interest in the mod.

In the mod there will be 4 playable races, perhaps an additional one or two at a later stage. To find all the latest public announcements and news releases please go to Majestic Sci-Fi Central ( home of MSFC Productions.

You may find that you require a password to open the PDF, this is a security feature. Type msfcproductions into the field to access the document.

Again thank you all for supporting this mod and I hope to see more support, questions and suggestions in the near future at both sites.


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#1 Chiletrek 2006-12-24 09:48

A cool job was done to make this manual. I agree with Ash about the 4º race, but that would be spoiling the surprise.

Well done Yesteryears Team, and keep it up!
#2 Majest 2006-12-24 11:41
Thanks Chiletrek. The 4th race is kept secret for a reason, if I announce who they are it will spoil the entire campaign for you.

Yesteryears is full of surprises, you will thanks us once it is released. :D
#3 F_Bobby 2006-12-24 19:19
so come on majestic whens it gonna be released?!!! lol im craving a new armada mod.
#4 CaptSyf 2006-12-25 14:48
We are pushing as hard as we can to get this mod done F_Bobby. We will let everyone know the minute we have a positive release date planned. Thank you all for your interest in YesterYears.

We will keep putting out little tid-bits of information as often as we can.

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