Assimilated Intrepid Assimilated Intrepid

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FranxoftImports, 2009-12-13

This is a retexture of AdmiralRyan's Intrepid class starship model with Borg textures. Note you will need AdmarilRyan's version of the Intrepid in order for this to work. This won't work with stock, unfortunately.

Another nice refit from FranxoftImports. Hopefully we'll see more than just retexture work from this promising new modder.


Another fine looking original with an acceptebale polly count.
However no Borg powernodes. Until now...

The original was designed by "AdmarilRyan".
In order for this to run, you need his version as well.

Again as a bonus I added my Adlog image.

Installation: First install the "AdmarilRyan" version (called "Intrepid Class")

Then simply extract directly into the main directory of the game.
(like the borg would)

Enjoy, Franxoft Imports

Watch out for the 7th Fleet.

Version  1.0  Author  FranxoftImports  Website   
Downloads  477  Size  4.89 MB  Created  2009-12-13 



#1 CanadianBorg 2009-12-13 13:09
Hmmm... If you're into Borg textures, I can teach you how to do 3D Borg stuff.


P.S. Resistance is futile, eh?
#2 FranxoftImports 2009-12-13 15:03
Sure! That'd be great.

Most borg textures look like the Borg are into painting the ships the have assimilated anyway. But they just add some powernodes and overhaul the engines...

However, resistance is far from futile :P

Watch out for the Seventh Fleet.

- Franxoft Imports

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