Akira Class Retexture Akira Class Retexture

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Jetfreak, 2007-09-14

Introducing a new texture mod for 9 of 9's Akira Class model done by Jetfreak.

On one side of the coin, this is a good retexture. Bridge Commander quality textures topped of with the "scanned" borg assimilation textures are a nice touch and it is a decent mod but their is a negative side to this mod too, unfortunately.

On the other side of the coin, their is no ODF, or SOD so this is in effect two targa files. I have never seen an individual mod called 9 of 9's Akira not even on AFC, however it is indeed located in Borg Incursion 3 Federation Side, although downloading 38 megs just to get a SOD and a set of ODF's is cumbersome (I had to download BI 3 just to test this out), My suggestion to the author would be to get the Sod and ODF's from the original modder along with permission for those.

Note : Direct Download for BI3: Federation Side (Mirror Link Invalid)

So in short, if you have BI 3: Federation Side then you can definately add this Akira retexture to the game however if not then it is a long and arduous process to get this ingame.Sad

On the Plus, this is a good retexture job. Smile


-Akira Class Retexture-
By: Jetfreak

-This texture mod requires 9 of 9's Akira Class model, from what I know, this is only available in Borg Incursion 3 Federation Side.


-This simple mod changes the Textures of 9 of 9's Akira Class into p81's Textures
-Borg Textures are also included
-A new Admiral's Log pic is also available to match with the textures
-Sorry, no Alpha Channel

How to install:

1) put all the TGA Files in the Textures/RGB folder and replace the old texture
2) Add the fakira.bmp into bitmaps/AdmiralsLog/ShipImages folder

That's it you're done!!!


Federation Texture: Rick Knox (aka p81)
Borg Texture: Rick Knox's Fed textures which I edited
"Borgified" Parts: Scanned from the Star Trek: The Next Generation Sketch Book


-Jetfreak out

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#1 insert_name_heer 2007-09-14 16:21
8/10 would have been a 10 bu it looks a little too light and i can see no alpha chanel.
#2 Curtis_R 2007-09-14 16:37
should not take me long to assimilate this into Star Trek Armada II Ultimate.
#3 Adam_Atlantian 2007-09-14 20:33
Well, at the very least you could do a retexture yourself, if skills are available to do such. There are a number of very good Akira class vessels that this could be applied to with a little work.
#4 Curtis_R 2007-09-15 03:47
i already have several versions to chose from,im just applying all that i can to see which holds up best to the stock models...finicky corners and curves.
#5 graviton 2007-09-16 10:11
I think that 9 of nine's akira is available on AFC under the title of Akira Class, for A1.

Jetfreak- nice retexture :-)
#6 Jetfreak 2007-09-21 10:43
Yes, your right! It's available for DL in AFC! Just type the keyword "Akria" (Dont worry about the spelling, the mod's name is actually spelled like that.)

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