7th Fleet Command palette upgrade 7th Fleet Command palette upgrade

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FranxoftImports, 2009-12-20

7th Fleet Command Pallete upgrade v2 Part 2.

This MOD requires part 1.


- All Klingon buttons (buildbuttons, researchbuttons and SpecialWeaponbuttons)
- "Templates" in BMP format

Enjoy, Franxoft Imports

Right. Now for the klingon buttons:

Legal: Everybody is welcome to build on my idea. As long as the origin is made clear in any crediting.

This MOD contains:
- ALL Klingon buildbuttons
- ALL Klingon specialweaponbuttons
- The Starfleet buttons for upgrading weapons and shields
(I thought the V2.0 version were unclear)
- As requested: some bmp-format "templates"

Since my "Seventh Fleet MOD" will enhance the original storyline, do bot bother to look for ENT, TOS or FUT models.

Installation instructions:

Simply extract the file directly into the game main directory.
Almost all files will replace older ones, so make sure you have a backup.

Coming soon: Borg buttons

When I complete the total conversion MOD "Seventh Fleet", ALL buttons will be included!

Enjoy, Franxoft Imports

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