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Tom_720, 2008-10-31

Since the dawn of Armada modding, man has asked one simple question, a question long since answered, but asked again and again by each new person to enter the community. "Why can't my support ships go to warp?" For many, the answer was their first mod. Our new friend Tom_720 proves no exception.

Simply put, this mod allows warp speed ahead for every construction ship, cargo ship, and mining freighter (as an added bonus for both of our 8472 players, transmuters can now also warp)!

While this is a fairly regular feature among mods, notably the Physics Project, it's always nice to see someone new among the community.


This is a mod to allow Construction ships, Cargo ships and Mining freighters as well as Species 8472 Collector and Transmuter to travel at warp.

Extract the files to the following destination....(Don't forget to backup the old files)

(Your Armada 2 folder)odfother

I.E. C:Program FilesActivisionStar Trek Armada IIodfother


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#1 Firestorm603 2008-11-01 04:34
A nice first MOD, keep up the good work.


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