Valiant Class - Defiant Refit Valiant Class - Defiant Refit

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Firestorm603, 2008-07-16

Not to be confused with this file:;91866

This is a simple .ODF modification ONLY, and doesn't include the previously uploaded Valiant Class in any way. It's simply a slightly bigger Defiant, with a cloaking device and the engine overload special weapon added.

"This is for people new to modding and are unsure of how to edit an odf", as the author says.

A decent first release, and although we've seen other mods like it before, it's still good to see new content from new comers.


This is for people new to modding and are unsure of how to edit an odf, so i've done it for you!

This is the "Valiant Class" mod which is a Defiant class made bigger and has been given phasers and photon torpedoes.
It also has a cloaking device and engine overload special weapon.

**Before doing this, make a copy of the fdestroy file in it's odf directory!**

All you have to do is replace the original fdestroy file (AFTER you have made a copy of it!) with my valiant one.
Thats really all you have to do!

If you have any queries or if you have a suggestion on another ckass to mod, please contact me at

Thanks and have fun with the Valiant!


If you want to use this model in your own mod, PLEASE ASK FIRST.

Version  .ODF mod  Author  Firestorm603  Website   
Downloads  279  Size  53.85 KB  Created  2008-07-16 



#1 Achilles 2008-07-16 22:55
welcome to the community firestorm.
#2 Jetfreak 2008-07-16 23:29
Not bad for a first mod, welcome to a2 modding buddy :-)
#3 Firestorm603 2008-07-17 10:14
Thanks guys, I have to admit, I know nothing other than changing the ODF's around a bit :sad: but hopefully I will learn in time ;-)
#4 Firestorm603 2008-07-17 11:13
For anyone who wants to contact me for any reason, don't use the syler2 address email me at .
#5 dan1025 2008-07-17 16:23
Welcome to modding, it's nice to see some newcomers :-)

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