UNSC Frigate Collection v 1.3 UNSC Frigate Collection v 1.3 "The Frigate Quartet"

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IceBite, 2008-10-06

Fixes the problems of the previous UNSC Frigate versions, but otherwise, nothing much new here. This still represents a major improvement, however.

If you've got the other Halo content that IceBite's put together, you'll want to download this one.


This is a major improvement to the last 2. Same 3 Frigates. Same 3 odfs. Same 3 SODs. More easy and exciting action available. This version now includes the odfs for the weapons, including a special pulse weapon and the Transphasic Torpedo (not mine), which is used to replace the MAC Gun.


Standard Frigate ODF, SOD, wireframe text (for gui-globals), and build button text (for gui-globals)

Missile Frigate ODF, wireframe text (for gui-globals), and build button text (for gui-globals)

Forward Unto Dawn ODF, wireframe text (for gui-globals), and build button text (for gui-globals)

Gettysburg ODF, Physics, wireframe text (for gui-globals), and build button text (for gui-globals)

MAC Gun (Custom this time)

Slipspace Drive (transient rift)

Known Bugs: N/A

If more bugs are encountered, comment and I'll see what I can do to fix it before the next version.

Beyond popular belief, I didn't get the Torpedo MAC Guns from Agroborg, but from Yacuzza's Ultra Borg Mod.

I finally made a custom MAC Gun. It's basically a Photon Torpedo modified into a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon.

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#1 IceBite 2008-10-07 03:11
Hey, you forgot about the part where I added another frigate.
#2 Firestorm603 2008-10-07 09:54
Man you must love these craft. I'm not complaining though, keep em' coming! 10*
#3 WFCxLandraid 2008-10-07 12:40
hey man, me again, KEEP EM COMIN!!!!! Any chance you could make some files that enchance the textures of them cause most of the time for me they are eyesores cause they kinda just look like grey blobs with a shape to em, but other than that this completely rocks and keep em comin
#4 dan1025 2008-10-07 13:39
If you're looking for new Halo content I'd keep an eye on dinosaurJr's new mod "Halo: Strategy Evolved" over on the forums, here's a link to the thread:


The mod is currently being worked on so stay tuned for updates :-)

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