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IceBite, 2008-09-14

An improved version over the previous offering, this series of UNSC Frigate .ODFs includes special weapons (notably the Transphasic Torpedo and Slipstream Drive, neither of which are otherwise credited, but were made by Agroborg), with proper .ODFs for every weapon, plus buildbuttons and wireframes for every one of these frigates. This revision marks a substantial improvement, however, proper credit MUST be given on all new mods. Just be sure to do that in future, IceBite.

Worth a look for all you Halo fans.


This is a major improvement to the last 2. Same 3 Frigates. Same 3 odfs. Same 3 SODs. More easy and exciting action available. This version now includes the odfs for the weapons, including a special pulse weapon and the Transphasic Torpedo (not mine), which is used to replace the MAC Gun.


Standard Frigate ODF, SOD, Wireframe, and Build Button

Missile Frigate ODF, SOD, Wireframe, and Build Button

Forward Unto Dawn ODF, SOD, Wireframe, and Build Button

Missile Frigate Missile odfs


Slipspace Drive

Known Bugs:
1.Transphasic torpedo doesn't always show.
2.Same for Slipstream Drive (made by maker of transphasic torpedo), which is ment to be the Slipspace Drive from Halo.

If more bugs are encountered, comment and I'll see what I can do to fix it before the next version.

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#11 IceBite 2008-09-18 13:52
I don't want other people to have the same problem. You mind hunting the modified text down and posting it?
#12 WFCxLandraid 2008-09-19 13:19
i'll give it a shot, i've been trying to find it but it's not showing up anywhere, i'm gonna have to end up going through all the modified files just to find it, they hid it somewhere but it has to be in here......everytime i've put in a new weapon i've had to type in a whole new thing in the weapons.spr so it should be there....erk.....it's possible it's not that blatantly obvious and is classified under another races weapon....i'll keep looking and update ya...apparently i'm having the same problem as you are XD
#13 WFCxLandraid 2008-09-19 13:20
i'm going to put the frigates in with the Star wars mod and see if they work, if they work then i have to hunt down the text because then it's pretty obvious that it's in there, it's gonna take me a few hours of tinkering with the program to get it to work, i'll keep ya posted
#14 WFCxLandraid 2008-09-22 12:37
i couldn't find anything, i tried to get the frigates to build in the Star Wars mod but i couldn't get it to work. I am completely stumped and am tired of trying to figure this stuff out, it just annoys me, i'm gonna keep messing with other files but for this one, i just give up. If anyone else is able to make this work please post what you did and how you did it. all i can say is try to include everything that is needed next time, i am a big fan of the halo universe so this was something i was interested in. I just can't get the dang thing to work

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