Tractorable federation stations Tractorable federation stations

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acffordyce973, 2009-07-28

Pretty sure we've seen this before, for the Federation starbase, but now it's for all the stations used by the Federation.

Have you ever wanted to move your base? But you know that you will have to decommission everything and build again. Well not any more. You can now tractor your stations around the map and move your base anywhere.

There are some drawbacks --take a look at the readme for more-- but the moving station mod, along with the "maximum Defiant" mod, is probably one of those .ODF mods we've seen the most of around here.


Tractorable federation stations V1.0

To install this mod completely follow these simple instructions;

1. double click the installer and it will copy the files but you need to delete some.
Read the read me in the installer please.

2. Find your armada 2 directory (normally c:program files/activision/star trek armada 2), then go into the folder named odf, then go into the folder stations.

3. Look for the files called ;
` fsensor
then delete them.

.odf's modded by acffordyce973

acffordyce973 and activision recept no responsibility for any damages that may occur.

Tested in game alot of times and they all work. No damage to game.

Known bugs

All the bugs below should be fixed soon.


The federation temporal research facility does not work at the moment so it has no been included.
The starbase wont return to its upright position (you can still build ships though).
The starbase moves a little after being towed and then stopped.
All stations are built faster (i dont know why).

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#1 phasertech 2009-08-04 19:39
kinda like from Legacy, that one mission when you have to tow defense platforms to planets to destroy incoming asteroids.
#2 anarchyfan 2009-08-24 17:35
this is probably something in the construction ship files

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