Species 8472  Armed Collector Species 8472 Armed Collector

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Firestorm603, 2008-07-20

Get your biomatter faster with weapons on your collector. Sure makes defending those vulnerable Transmuters a lot easier.

Yet another .ODF modification for your A2 by Firestorm603.

hanks for downloading this file.

Resources are key to the success of an operation. Without them, your battle
will end quickly. If you do not have defences near your supply lines, it is
almost certain your freighters will be destroyed. Not anymore.
Each race has come up with the same conclusion, freighters are too
much of an easy and undefended target. This must change.
Now their freighters are capable of defending themselves, and the
resources they're mining with weapons and better shield and hull strength.


1. Make a copy of the appropriate freighter. (E.G. "kfreight")

2. Replace the freighter with mine in the ODF directory.


If it screws up the game, replace it with your copy.

Please ask permission if you want to use this mod in one of your own.
Contact me at john.pickering603@ntlworld.com if you have any queries
or issues.

Enjoy and thanks again for downloading. Firestorm603.

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