Spacebased habitat Spacebased habitat

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FranxoftImports, 2009-12-20

Something you ought to see in motion: Renewed weapon dynamics.

"Shadow" created the otherwise beautiful original, which fired all of the station's weapons from the nearest satellite to the target.
Since the station is quite huge that, in my opinion did not do it justice.
So making good use of the HP map provided I set out to puzzle how to fix this.
Take a look. I think you will find it to be more to your liking.

I created some Borg textures as well, but the are not really to my own satisfaction.


The main feature of this MOD is it's ODF files, witch I made some time ago.

Sure the missing Borg textures are present as well, but I am not realy satisfied with these.

The main thing about the otherwise beautiful original, done by "shadow",
was that it fired all of its weapons from the closest point on the station to their targets. At the same time.
Not anymore!

First install the original version done by "shadow" (Federation Orbital Habitat Station)

Then simply extract the zip file directly into the main directory of the game.

Enjoy, Franxoft Imports

Watch out for the Seventh Fleet!

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