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acffordyce973, 2009-02-15

This mod came in labeled as a "mobile shipyard". It's not. A mobile shipyard means, a shipyard that moves. This is not that. It's a construction ship .ODF re-programmed to build ships. I say it this way because there is no .SOD included. By the looks of it, this'll work perfectly well if you copy "fconst.sod" as "fmyard.sod", but you shouldn't have to figure that out for yourself. Otherwise you'll have a white box with a red bug on it building Galaxy, Akira, Steamrunner and Defiant class starships. All this while firing phasers and using the Federation repair team special weapon as well. You've never seen a .SOD error this powerful!

Standard operating procedure is that new mods include every last file that they require, even if they're just stock ships doing new things. This is why the author's mention (in two places) in the readme that "it does not have an image yet" is all the more irritating. These are stock. All you had to do was copy the wireframe and build button entry from stock and re-name it. For that matter.... All you had to do was copy the .SOD from stock and re-name it!

To make a mod with such an unbalanced and outdated concept using stock materials is bad enough. To release such a mod in an incomplete and poorly done fashion.... we deserve better. Here's hoping we get it in future releases from this modder.


Federation Mobile Shipyard V0.9.

Have you ever wanted a mobile shipyard,
one that could go anywhere even in battle and can carry out its duties
without being destroyed.
One that could fight back, wont get destroyed and can repair other ships.

Weapons including specials.

1. Phaser
2. FED Repair Team.

Well now you can have one by following these instructions.

Easy Instructions.

This is mainly copy and paste.

1. copy the file fmyard.odf to the star trek armada 2 odf directory. c/program files/activision/startrekarmada2/odf/ships.

2. Copy the file fbase.odf to the star trek armada 2 odf directory. c/program files/activision/startrekarmada2/odf/stations

3. copy the fmyard bitmap to the star trek armada 2 bitmaps directory. c/program files/activision/startrekarmada2/bitmaps/admiralslog/shipimages

4. Copy the tech 1 file to the armada 2 tech tree directory (warning this will overwrite any previous mods). c/program files/activision/startrekarmada2/techtree

You have sucesfully added the mobile shipyard. It can be built from the starbase, it does not have an image yet.

Hard instructions (without overwriting any previous mods)

1. Do the same as above down to step 3. But you may not wish to copy the fbase.odf file so instead put this under the starbase construction parameters :
buildItem* = "fmyard"

2. Go into your tech 1 file and add this under federation ships :
fmyard.odf 1 fbase.odf // Mobile Shipyard

You have sucesfully added the mobile shipyard. It can be built from the starbase, it does not have an image yet.

Created by acffordyce973

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#1 Supreme_Hunter_Guyver 2009-02-15 22:34
Just a curious question, since I got done watching some of Battle 360, couldn't a ship that builds ships in a way be considered a Carrier?
#2 Dark_Energy 2009-02-16 00:07
a very decent review.
#3 pepperman 2009-02-16 06:50
First, I am surprised that the mod was accepted. Seems like it didn't quite meet the minimum standards and therefore should have been rejected.

Second, I am disappointed in the way this was handled. While it is okay to point out the short comings of the mod, I question the manner in which it was done. This seems like a public chastising and to me that was a little harsh. After all, this was only the second mod every submitted by this user. Perhaps, an email back to the user telling them that their mod didn't meet the minimum standards with an offer of suggestions to make it better would have sufficed. In other words, could it not have been handled privately and achieved the same result.

Granted, the community deserves good mods but the community also has an obligation to help modders along. I would like to see us all strive to produce the very best materials we can while encouraging others along the way.
#4 Firestorm603 2009-02-16 07:55
I have to agree with Pepperman, the review almost sounds like your ripping the user to shreds. I wouldn't be surprised if this puts the user off modding all together. :thumbsdown:

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