Romulan Bio-genic decimator Romulan Bio-genic decimator

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DR_Chaotica, 2008-09-02

Simple set of .ODF modifications designed to give the Romulans a Cardassian weapon on a Federation cargo ship. Author explains it as follows:

This is the Romulan's ultimate weapon. The Bio-genic decimator is a early 22nd century Romulan technology. Once used against Earth and Dominion colones in the war. It is equipped with the Kulinor class' (Cardassian science ship) Plasma cannon for the Decimator. It looks like the federation Cargo ship except bigger and uses Bio-matter so you won't be able to use alot (Unless you edit it, lol) Armed with the Borg assimilator torpedos. It comes with it's own special yard. It looks like the Phoenix facility and a Romulan Mark II construction ship. All files needed are included. There is alot of TechTree entries so you might not be overwriting much. It has alot of special energy, shielding and Health. Energy regenerates at 99 points per second and same with shields.

Sounds like a god-ship to me, but I might be wrong. Either way, here you have it.


New Textures - No
New SODS - Sort of...
New odfs - yes

Anything in Odf - ships goes in the Odf - ships in the Armada II odf files (C:/program files/activision/Armada II/Odf/Ships)
Anything in Odf - Stations goes in the odf - stations in the Armada II odf files (C:/program files/activision/Armada II/odf/stations
Any TechTree files go in the TechTree (C:/program files/activision/Armada II/techtree OR Copy the new line onto the Tech1 and fulltech)
Anything in sprites go in the Sprites folder (vC:/program files/activision/Armada II/sprites OR copy and pase the new line)


Bugs: None so far


You may use this file under my permission only. I am not responsible for any harm this dose to your game. Install it at your own risk!

Any Problems E-mail me at

Lastly, enjoy!

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