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Mislav, 2005-04-03

An odf mod that gives the ORIGINAL ships and stations in Armada 2 the option to have no crew.

No crew mod

Armada II

Creator: Mislav


secondary email:


Date: 2.4.2005.


Installation instuctions:

Copy the files in the "stations" folder.
Paste them into this folder:"C:/ Program Files/ Activision Armada II/ odf/ stations"

Copy the files in the "ship" folder.
Paste them into this folder:"C:/ Program Files/ Activision Armada II/ odf/ ships"



None, if you find, please send me a message on the above listed email.


Why I made this mod?

Because nobody made it before.



This mod removes your crew. Your ships and stations have no crew and nobody can take them.
It works the opposite as well: You can't take enemy ships because the transport button
doesn't work, and it can't work because you don't have any crew.

I've removed the colony ships. Not because I wanted that you can't colonize, but because
they don't have attack AI, and because the Borg colony ship has hitpoints on the down
side, so it can't fire.

All the weapons that include transporting don't work. Including the Borg assimilation beam,
because their is no crew to kill.

But, also the radioactive nebulas have no affect to your ships.



You may use it in your own mod. This is not supported by Activision by any way.
Version  1.0  Author  Mislav  Website   
Downloads  367  Size  217.16 KB  Created  2005-04-03 



#1 Joelteon7 2005-04-03 09:33
Although I commend you for your efforts, I believe this to be pointless, if hover you got rid of the officer cost, I'm sure many would download it, but you have essentially removed a pivotal part of the game...
#2 steel2 2005-04-03 17:34
i agree with joel, this is a good mod, but it has no usefulness, or enhancing effect
#3 Elrond 2005-04-03 19:58
I would have gone about it by just making a post that shows what process to use when configuring ships and stations not to have crew. But I guess this may be a good tool in one way: if someone wants to make their station and/or ship have no crew, just replace the odf file with one of those in this file. But if the weapons and hardpoints have been modded, then it would have to involve more than just replacing an odf file.

I commend you for your efforts as well, as you are a new developer here and will no doubt learn much about modding as you continue. I guess it's always better to get started modding sometime than never. For most modders, however, this has no usefulness - I agree with steel2 and joel. Don't let that stop you from building your abilities in modding. I barely knew anything beyond editting odf files a couple of years back, and I still don't know that much (especially with sprites and textures) as many here do. But with the perseverance and determination, you'll get far eventually if you continue to mod! It shows good faith in the game and in modding when someone posts their first works. Heck, my Elven ships and stations were downloaded maybe 3 times in the first week (well maybe more than that), but I will continue on for I know I have a heck of a lot to learn myself! :-)
#4 otwolverine 2005-05-05 11:19
Well nice work.

And u gave me idea, to make mod where you can lower officers.

You really want that?

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