Mining Beam icons (FO 3.1.5) Mining Beam icons (FO 3.1.5)

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adm_tyler, 2011-01-12

A small odf change that puts an icon on the Unit Interface for the Mining freighters signature equipment.

Copy and paste, with changes to only 2 files (not counting the Freighters).

Open 'systemimages' (C:Program FilesActivisionStar Trek Armada II Fleet Operations 3.0DataSprites) and look for:

i_fed_repair_beam all_interface2 981 221 34 34

and add beneath it:

i_all_mine all_interface2 981 221 34 34

Open 'Dynamic_Localized_Strings' and look for

"AUTOTOOLTIP-npc_tractorbeam.odf", "
� Lock on a friendly or neutral target
with disabled engines to get it towed.
If a damaged wrackage is under your
control and is being towed near a yard,
you may issue a repair order to dock

Weapon range: Dogfight

add beneath it:

"AUTOTOOLTIP-all_mining.odf", "
Â�½Â� Shot Delay
Weapon range: Dogfight

� Locks onto a nearby Dilithium or Tritanium
moon and transports the resources directly
into the freighters Cargo hold
� The Dominion can also mine Supply in addition
to the regular mining options

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