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Zweistein001, 2010-10-29

This mod makes all Federation Photon torpedos fire in salvos of 2 or 4 (depends on the ship). This means federation ships have excellent burst damage, the down side is that they now require 2 or 4 times more time to reload. This when combined with same hit to miss ratio makes missed shots much more penalizing (as your ship needs to wait 2 or 4 times more for another go). Also Type 3 torpedos on Galaxy now have artillery range and fire at one target. Federation pulse phaser platforms, outpost, defiant and venture now fire pulse phaser in salvos of 6, but have 6 times longer reload time. I have decided that Phalanx will use its pulse phasers as torpedoes and will fire them on volleys of 4 instead of 6 (he has 4x longer reload time, 0.20 second delay between shots). Defiant is now a bit stronger because it gets a phaser when it achieve any rank (1st gray rank - you get a phaser).

To do (if I don't get tired of editing):
- Make adaptor more useful
- Edit defiants new phaser location (possibly)
- Repair any bugs
- Possibly make Federations fully upgraded outpost change into spacedock (just a model change).

To install this mod:
1. Go to [your fleet ops install folder]Dataodf
2. Backup your system folder!!!!!
3. copy the System folder in .rar file into [your fleet ops install folder]Dataodf and override.
4. Run the game and enjoy.

To uninstall

1. Go to [your fleet ops install folder]Dataodf
2. copy the backup System folder into [your fleet ops install folder]Dataodf and override.
3. Sob at the gruesome act you just committed
4. Run the game and enjoy.


If you install this mod you will be unable to play online unless you and all of your playmates have this mod installed.

Fleet ops team for their excellent mod.

Other: Dominion Behemoth has a bug that crashes the game - THIS ISN' MY FAULT, this is a bug from stock Fleet ops 3.1.3

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#1 Doom369 2010-10-29 23:26
this sound interesting.

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