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Jabsticles, 2009-10-17

Everyone's gonna have to start somewhere. This Locutus cube by Jabsticles is an upgunned version without the fusion ability.

Worth a look if you're having some A1 nostalgia.

Hello. Just another ODF rework to bring you locutus into your Borg territory. Ive disabled the fusion, but added some pulse weapons. Unfortunately they share the same hps as the phasers so it may be hard to notice. It is based off the stock cube, but just copy the stats and apply them to another if you wish. There are no specific Build Buttons or Wireframes, but you can use the stock ones. To get this working in A2:
Copy the ODF into A2/ODF/Ships
Open Fulltech and Tech1 and paste this:
bloc.odf 0
Under bbattle1.odf.
Now you can differ: If you want to start off with this lovely Cube, open up borg.odf in the odf/other folder and add: standardUnits5 = "bloc.odf" underneath standardUnits4.
OR if you want to build many Locutus' add buildItemXX = bloc to a shipyard, the X representing the next number.

Nothing special here, just plain Borg. Enjoy smashing Locutus with the Excalibur, or conquering the Alpha quadrant [who cares which]

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