Enhanced Mining Station Enhanced Mining Station

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[UFP] Spoonier, 2009-08-04

This mod adds starbase weapons and shields to the mining station. The station can also now construct mining ships.

Place fmining.odf in to the odf/stations folder. Overwrite if asked.

No bugs reported.

Version  ODF mod  Author  [UFP] Spoonier  Website   
Downloads  261  Size  6.31 KB  Created  2009-08-04 



#1 borgannex 2009-08-06 17:41
As always good job,for me personally it's a case of "Been There,Done That" but I'm going to DL anyway just to see what you've done again nice work.
#2 UFP_Spoonier 2009-08-08 10:32
Thanks, that was my first mod.

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